Ganryujima: Kojiro and Musashi

Ganryujima: Kojiro and Musashi

The classic tale of duel on Ganryu Island between Kojiro and Musashi. After the Battle of Sekigahara, it had become clear that the "age of swords" was over and had become the "age of guns". In the 16th Year of Keityo (1611), the lord of Ogura Castle in Kyushu admitted Sasaki Kojiro’s because of his great sword techniques. However, a group within the feudal clan which supported to use guns considered Kojiro an obstacle in their goals and has the well-known ronin, Miyamoto Musashi, fight him. Now because of political gain and greed, two honorable men are to fight to the death on Ganryu Island!

Genres: Action Drama

Stars: Yûko Natori  Ken Watanabe  Isao Natsuyagi 

Directing: Yûko Natori 

Country: JP

Runtime: 119 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1992-02-09

IMDB: 7/10