The Heroes of Telemark

The Heroes of Telemark

Set in German-occupied Norway, this is an embellished account of the remarkable efforts of the Norwegian resistance to sabotage the German development of the atomic bomb. Resistance fighter Knut Straud enlists the reluctant physicist Rolf Pedersen in an effort to destroy the German heavy water production plant near the village of Rjukan in rural Telemark. In the process, Pedersen discovers that hi

Genres: War Action Drama History

Stars: Kirk Douglas  Richard Harris  Ulla Jacobsson  Michael Redgrave  David Weston  Sebastian Breaks  Venkatesh  Sridevi Kapoor  Paresh Rawal  Rami Reddy  Brahmanandam  Narsing Yadav  Hema  Mel Blanc  Billy Bletcher 

Directing: Anthony Mann  Sergio Corbucci  Kenny Leon  Ram Gopal Varma  Bob Clampett  John Cromwell 

Country: NO

Runtime: 131 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1965-11-22

IMDB: 5.9/10