Mondo Candido

Mondo Candido

Voltaire, a 16th century author was furious that learned members of a "civilized" society could claim that the apparent senseless violence and mayhem wrought by disasters, war, disease, man's cruelty, etc. was actually only a part of some 'greater good'. After all, God (being perfect) could not 'logically' have created anything but the 'best of all possible' universes.

Genres: Adventure Comedy

Stars: Jacques Herlin  Steffen Zacharias  Salvatore Baccaro  Christopher Brown  Michele Miller  Gianfranco D'Angelo  Alessandro Haber  José Quaglio  Sonia Viviani 

Directing: Franco Prosperi  Gualtiero Jacopetti 

Country: IT

Runtime: 107 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1975-02-21

IMDB: 4/10