Justine and Juliette

Justine and Juliette

Justine and Juliette is a modern re-telling of the classic sex tale from the Marquis de Sade. Beautiful actresses Marie Forsa and Anne Bie Warburg play two sisters caught in a web of sex and sensual pleasures.

Genres: Comedy

Stars: Felix Franchy  Poul Bundgaard  Otto Brandenburg  Eva Axén  William Kisum  Peter Ferdinando  Stephen Graham  Neil Maskell  Elisa Lasowski  MyAnna Buring  Richard Dormer  Tony Pitts  Edwige Shaki  François Rauscher  André Del Debbio 

Directing: Mac Ahlberg  Gerard Johnson  Edwige Shaki  David Lowell Rich 

Country: SE

Runtime: 91 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1975-06-16