Bedtime Stories for Grownups

Bedtime Stories for Grownups

Peter brings his new girlfriend Anja (Sonja Jeannine) up to C. von Ficker's (i.e. Fucker's) flat, but their tryst is repeatedly disturbed by various events in the building. To calm the jittery Anja, Peter relates a series of erotic stories to put her back in the mood.

Genres: Comedy Romance

Stars: Ulrike Butz  Judith Fritsch  Eva Gross  Sonja Jeannine  Heidi Kappler  Jim Carrey  Alan Thicke  Richard Gautier  Ziggy Lorenc  Rod Hebron  Jean Laplac  Mira Bartuschek  René Steinke  Josefine Preuß  Constantin von Jascheroff 

Directing: Ernst Hofbauer  David Mitchell  Franziska Meyer Price 

Country: DE

Runtime: 75 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1974-03-15

IMDB: 7.3/10