The Ant Trail

The Ant Trail

Set within a Viennese apartment block, this affectionate Austrian comedy makes fun of the strange habits of the famed city's residents. The building is located in a middle-class area and has residents from many age groups and walks of life. Many of the tenants are much older, but there are also a few children about. In one apartment lives a large group of Polish construction workers, while a Yugoslavian woman and her huge family attempt to survive in their tiny flat. The episodic story of the lives of these and other tenants is framed by a visit from a civil servant from the Office of Statistics.

Genres: Comedy Drama

Stars: Robert Meyer  Bibiana Zeller  Nikolaus Paryla  Wolfgang Böck  Wolf Bachofner  Brigitte Kren  Branko Samarovski  Maresa Hörbiger  Elisabeth Stiepl  Dunja Sowinetz  Josef Hendrichs  Gunter Berger  Mariella Ahrens  Eddi Arent  Rosalind Baffoe 

Directing: Michael Glawogger  Yoshihiro Ueda  David Jablin  Denis Leary  Ab Gietelink  Albert Ray  Wolfgang F. Henschel 

Country: AT

Runtime: 87 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1995-01-01

IMDB: 5/10