Kan du vissla Johanna?

Kan du vissla Johanna?

Young Berra has a friend, Ulf. Ulf has a grandfather which he likes very much, he gives Ulf presents and takes him on fishing trips. Berra doesn't have a grandfather, but he wants one that's nice to him and who can teach him to whistle. Ulf knows where to find a grandfather - at a home for senior citizens. They go searching together and Berra finds a great pretend grandfather, Nils.

Genres: Family

Stars: Juliana González  Tere Arcq  Alberto Blanco  Alexandra Varsoviano  Walter Gruen  Alan Glass  Leonora Carrington  Status Quo  Per Oscarsson  Tobias Swärd  Thomas Roos  Gunilla Abrahamsson  Gustav Levin  Mats Bergman  Joe Stöckel 

Directing: Tufic Makhlouf Akl  Rumle Hammerich  François Jaquenod  Györgyi Szalai  István Dárday  Hans H. Zerlett 

Country: SE

Runtime: 55 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1994-12-24

IMDB: 6.2/10