Brave Revolutionary

Brave Revolutionary

Lack-lustred and alcoholic Pratap Narayan Tilak is given a rude awakening when he meets with journalist Megha Dixit, and decides to instill some sense of justice and fair play within his community, and get them to assertively defend their rights and freedom. He is met with strong resistance, both from within his very own community, the police, and some very powerful and influential politicians. Unable to bear the injustice, and frustrated at his community to act proactively, Pratap decides to take the law into his own hands, resulting in chaos, violence, and uncertainty for everyone, and a path to his own grave.


Stars: Bindu  Nana Patekar  Tinnu Anand  Dimple Kapadia  Atul Agnihotri  Mamta Kulkarni  Farida Jalal  Paresh Rawal  Danny Denzongpa  Ishrat Ali  Shafi Inamdar  Mushtaq Khan  Mahesh Anand  Sujit Kumar  Ram Mohan 

Directing: Aryan Safwat Kabir  Mehul Kumar 

Country: IN

Runtime: 159 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1994-07-22

IMDB: 10/10