That This

That This

The movie has pandiyaraajan and vivek. Pandiyaraajan as usual makes the audience laugh with his comedy scenes. Vivek has done a decent role but it is below par compared to his standards. As usual S.S.Chandran has done a meiocre performance in this movie.


Stars: Vivek  Pandiyarajan  S. S. Chandran  Chris Eigeman  Stephanie March  Ian Holm  Famke Janssen  Peter Vack  Griffin Newman  Josh Caras  Matt Stadelmann  Paul Dahlke  Viktoria von Ballasko  Albert Hehn  Hilde Weissner 

Directing: Karthegeyan  Oren Rudavsky  Erich Waschneck  Robert Mulligan  Godfrey Ho 

Country: IN

Runtime: 135 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1994-06-15