Grüningers Fall

Grüningers Fall

The Grüninger case from Switzerland. This is a documentary about a police officer who showed civil courage back in the forties when he led many refugees fleeing German Nazi terror immigrate to Switzerland, although he was advised not to do so. Grüninger later was sued by the state of Switzerland, lost his job and died in the early seventies. The film constructs a just lawsuit with eye-witnesses and thus fully legitimates what Grüninger did.

Genres: Documentary

Stars: Elisabeth Müller  Peter van Eyck  Fritz Tillmann  Günter Pfitzmann  Inge Meysel  Richard Münch  Cristin Milioti  Kate Simses  Dan Soder  Rajesh Khanna  Satyajeet  Nutan Behl  Moushumi Chatterjee  Pedro Armendáriz  Martha Roth 

Directing: Erich Engels  Sasha Gordon  Shakti Samanta  Richard Dindo  Chano Urueta 

Country: CH

Runtime: 100 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1998-02-16