Everyone Loves Mel

Everyone Loves Mel

(12 ratings)
Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the legend of Swanson Lake is kept by one man, Bill (Ernest Borgnine). And he's not about to surrender it! When Bill's grandsons come for a summer visit, they stumble into a big-time adventure with a giant turtle named Mel. When Bill's neighbor Bailey (Jack Scalia) tries to kidnap Mel in order to feature him in a proposed theme park, the grandsons plot to hide Mel from the neighbor. Then the fun begins, and Mel becomes an unlikely hero! on

Genres: Family Fantasy

Stars: Ernest Borgnine  Bug Hall  Josh Paddock  Marisol  Ramón Arcusa  Manuel de la Calva  Charles Ruggles  Frank Morgan  Ginger Rogers  Betty Garde  Stanley Smith  Helen Carrington  Rudolph Cameron  Theresa Maxwell Conover  Peter Musevski 

Directing: Joey Travolta  George Sherman  Fernando Palacios  Fred C. Newmeyer  Vinko Möderndorfer  Shimako Sato  George Moorse 

Country: US

Runtime: 97 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 1998-10-10

IMDB: 2/10

Languages: US DE IT ES IE CH FR NL