Nocturne is a psychological horror film built on the conflicts of a woman tortured by the ambiguity between reality and illusion, dream and desire. The woman has perhaps murdered her lover and is living in an unstable world when he returns to her at night, in her dreams and into her arms, as witness to the subversive violence of nature, corporeality and desire. (PA)

Genres: Drama Horror

Stars: Bradley Eros  Anne Kugler  Karen Sullivan  Ross McCall  Joelle Carter  Vivica A. Fox  Erick Avari  Beth Littleford  Maggie Wheeler  Daniel Berson  Jake Elliott  Ary Katz  Alex Petrovitch  Jessica York  Abby Miller 

Directing: Mircea Veroiu  Peggy Ahwesh  Nathan Ives  Chor Yuen 

Country: US

Runtime: 28 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1998-10-10

IMDB: 8/10