Orny Adams: Takes the Third

Orny Adams: Takes the Third

Orny Adams: Takes the Third is a powerful, poignant, seamlessly woven non-stop hour special spotlighting a comedian at the top of his game. You’ve seen him on The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and in the documentary Comedian where he co-starred with Jerry Seinfeld, catapulting him onto the national stage. Watch the ground-breaking new special, uncut, with many routines and footage not seen on TV. Taped in front of an electrified sold out theater, Orny is at his best, masterfully deconstructing the chaos of the modern world and getting worked up about things that most people just accept – an instant classic.

Genres: Comedy

Stars: Orny Adams  Bradley Creanzo  Tony Leblanc  José Luis López Vázquez  Manolo Gómez Bur  Mara Cruz  Jesús Puente 

Directing: Manny Rodriguez  Bradley Creanzo  Robert J. Huntley  Fernando Palacios 

Country: US

Runtime: 6 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2010-10-29