St. Stephen's - The living Cathedral

St. Stephen's - The living Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral ranks amongst Austria‘s most famous cultural monuments. Yet, one would not think of that Cathedral being one of the most astonishing natural areas in Austria.Georg Riha and his team have explored the Cathedral from its foundations to the top of its 136 meter spire and discovered a true botanical and zoological garden: wild animals, exotic butterflies, kestrels, moss, lichen and even trees.


Stars: Bruno Ganz  John Shrapnel  Barbara Rütting  Bernhard Wicki  Ivan Desny  Dietmar Schönherr  Rudolf Carl  Dieter Hildebrandt  Dieter Borsche  Heinz Schubert  Balduin Baas  Lia Wöhr  Will Geer  Tim Conner 

Directing: Georg Riha  Rudolf Jugert  Rolf Hädrich  Will Vinton 

Country: AT

Runtime: 50 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1997-12-23