13 Never Again!

13 Never Again!

13-year old Rikke sees Bea, the new girl in her class, as a challenge. After an endurance test to find which of them can lie longer in a circle of flames, they become friends. However, as a result of some unfortunate truths and half-truths, the friendship falters. Rikke feels that Bea has let her down, and resolves to continue the rivalry between them, but now in a less physical, more artful way. In addition we meet Rikke's elder sister Ninni, who has been in England to learn the language, and has had to leave her great love, a man twelve years her senior. The film is also about the problems Rikke encounters in fulfilling the expectations of those around her as she approaches womanhood.

Genres: Drama Family

Stars: Monika Wegener  Matthias Faust  Alma Leiberg  Christian Hoening  Torsten Lennie Münchow  Janet Leigh  Van Johnson  Shelley Winters  Martha Hyer  Ray Walston  Jeremy Slate  Claire Wilcox  Luis Alfonso Londoño  Carlos Mayolo  Ramiro Arbeláez 

Directing: Julia Keller  John Rich  Luis Ospina  Carlos Mayolo  Sirin Eide  Rokuro Mochizuki  Kurt Spenrath 

Country: NO

Runtime: 80 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1996-01-01