Murai Mappillai

Murai Mappillai

Kai Ezhuthu Gounder (Manivannan) and Kai Naattu Gounder (K. Prabakaran) are the village's bigwig and best friends. While their children Raja (Arun Vijay) and Indhu (Kirthika) hate each other, they are classmates and quarrel continually. In contrast, their fathers want to marry them. Sorna (Rajashree), a dancer, comes to their village to separate the thick friends. Finally, Raja and Kirthika fall in love with each other. Sorna seduces the thick friends and create a conflict between them. In the past, Kai Ezhuthu Gounder and Kai Naattu Gounder tries to rape Sorna's sister and before it she committed suicide. Since that day, Sorna wanted to take revenge. Raja and Indhu are distraught, Sorna only wanted to punish Kai Ezhuthu Gounder and Kai Naattu Gounder but not the young lovers, so she comes to their rescue. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

Genres: Comedy Romance

Stars: Senthil  Arun Vijay  Kirthika  Manivannan  K. Prabakaran  Goundamani  Kalaranjini  Rajashree 

Directing: Sundar C  Art Leonardi  Massimiliano Amato  Sathyan Ramesh  Jason Berry 

Country: IN

Runtime: 140 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1995-12-15