Charlie's Ghost Story

Charlie's Ghost Story

Actor Anthony Edwards made his directorial debut with this comic fantasy based on a story by Mark Twain. Trenton Knight plays Charlie, a young boy whose archeologist father (Anthony Edwards) has made several discoveries while exploring a cave in Colorado. However, Charlie makes a discovery of his own -- the spirit of a long-dead explorer has come back to haunt him until his remains can be recovered and finally burried in a proper place. However, Charlie can't manage this on his own, and his father is too busy with his own work to pay much attention to him. Linda Fiorentino also appears in a supporting role. Also shown under the title Charlie's Ghost: The Story Of Coronado.


Stars: Trenton Knight  Cheech Marin  Anthony Edwards  Charles Rocket  Linda Fiorentino  Robert Hy Gorman  ilker inanoğlu  Filiz Akın  Ekrem Bora  Bahar Erdeniz  Kayhan Yildizoglu 

Directing: Kensaku Kakinomoto  Chel White  Sôkichi Tomimoto  Anthony Edwards  Guido Zurli  Türker İnanoğlu 

Runtime: 88 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 1995-12-13