A Decent Man

A Decent Man

Conflict-avoidant Thomas just wants a relaxing holiday in the Swiss Alps. But, it's a slippery slope from the beginning. In an effort to repair his own family ties and to impress his boss, he takes his family and his employer's daughter with him. Tragedy strikes and Thomas feels responsible. Should he be his typical passive self? Or risk doing the right thing at the expense of his relationships with his family and employer?

Genres: Drama Crime

Stars: Zalif Sidek  Epy Kodiang  Nina Iskandar  Rahim R2  Eddy Rauf Afro  Hamid Gurkha  Lan Zailan  Ruzaidi Abdul Rahman  Adibah Yunus  Kak Ros Kilauan Emas 3  Amran Tompel  Kathy Azean  Devid Striesow  Maren Eggert  Beat Marti 

Directing: Ismail Bob Hashim  Aleksandar Davić  Micha Lewinsky  Justin Donnelly 

Country: CH

Runtime: 92 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2016-02-11

IMDB: 6/10