A Bell for Ursli

A Bell for Ursli

A boy must brave deep winter snow to obtain an important family keepsake. Before he can even start this difficult journey he must first help his family survive financial ruin, rescue his beloved pet goat, and with his best friend, outwit a bratty bully who seems out to get him at every turn. Will he make it back to the village in time to celebrate the end-of-winter holiday of Chalandamarz?

Genres: Family

Stars: Jonas Hartmann  Julia Jeker  Laurin Michael  Marcus Signer  Tonia Maria Zindel  Leonardo Nigro  Martin Rapold  Sarah Sophia Meyer  Andrea Zogg  Peter Jecklin  René Schnoz  Herbert Leiser  Saskia Vester  Friedrich von Thun  Peter Sattmann 

Directing: Xavier Koller  Jan Ruzicka  Sylvestre Campe  Monica Schmiedt  Jennifer Reeves  Wilfred Jackson  Wolfgang Liebeneiner  Yasujirō Ozu  Nathan J. White  Martin Murphy 

Country: CH

Runtime: 100 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2015-10-15

IMDB: 7.3/10