Exit Oerlikon

Exit Oerlikon

When Hans looks back, he must say: That was a good life! He saw the world, loved his wife Martha and yes, two, three things went wrong. But that doesn't need to be talked about. And now? Two years ago Martha died, Hans can barely manage his daily routine anymore, and after a visit to the vet his beloved dog Miller doesn't return home. Hans is tired. Basically he can't be bothered anymore. He wants to die. But one doesn't talk about this. At best maybe with Willi, his friend. He trusts in him, he considers him as his ally, who should help him implement his plan...

Genres: Drama

Stars: Jörg Schneider  Mathias Gnädinger  Heidi Maria Glössner  Adam Salandra  Win De Lugo  Cheryl Texiera  Adriana Aizemberg  Sebastian Achilles  Manuel Cortez  Milton Welsh  Tom Lass  Tobias Kasimirowicz  Andreas Engelmann  Sibylle Prätsch  Sergej Lubic 

Directing: Paul Riniker  Juan Avilez  Lautaro Murúa  Rolf S. Wolkenstein  Shigehiro Ozawa 

Country: CH

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2015-01-29