Assault on Precinct 13

Assault on Precinct 13

On New Year's Eve, inside a police station that's about to be closed for good, officer Jake Roenick must cobble together a force made up cops and criminals to save themselves from a mob looking to kill mobster Marion Bishop.

Genres: Thriller

Stars: Luke Dorrington  Wade Goodall  Bede Durbidge  Jordy Smith  Ace Buchan  Shaun Cansdell  Nate Yeomans  Taj Burrow  Andy Irons  Joel Parkinson  Christian Clavier  Eddy Mitchell  Arielle Dombasle  Julie Gayet  Jean-Claude Dreyfus 

Directing: Stéphane Clavier  Pablo Trapero  Carlos Galettini  Jean-François Richet 

Country: US, FR

Runtime: 109 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2005-01-19

IMDB: 6/10