Like a Desperado Under The Eaves

Like a Desperado Under The Eaves

The main character Akihiko lives in an old apartment. He plays the guitar and sings his own pieces on the street, but this cannot be called his dream. He has a girlfriend. The owner of the apartment next-door constantly repeats Buddhist prayers night and day. On the floor above, there lives a strange middle-aged man who wants to be kicked out of the apartment. Such an ordinary day exists. Akihiko is standing still on the street at dawn.

Genres: Drama

Stars: Yûko Nakamura  Yôichirô Saitô  Taka Okubo  Shuichi Ito  Joshua Abdur  Mj Abdur  Steve Bilich  Shirley Brown  Will Buie  Sheree Bynum  Aayisha Chanel  Ron Cooper  Harold Dennis  Victor Edwards 

Directing: Shinji Aoyama  Simeon Henderson  Dion Strowhorn Sr. 

Country: JP

Runtime: 41 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2003-04-26